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Zero Breeze

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In just 5 minutes, the powerful compressor can reduce the outlet air temperature by 20°F/11°C. We know that under the average sun exposure, the temperature in the cabin will rise, because the heat generated by sunlight is 283.6 BTU/sq ft, and the area of 25 sq ft is about 7090 BTU, which will far exceed ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 capability of 2300 BTU. That’s why the average cooling capacity of a car air conditioner is far more than 10,000 BTU. If the insulation of the cabin is very good, or it’s at night, the situation will be much better. As there is no external source of heat, ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 will be a perfect cooling option for sleeping all night.

Making a compressor is only the first step. We also need to consider…. Is there enough airflow to achieve heat dissipation and cold air conduction? Can it achieve a good cooling capacity? these will depend on the whole system. The Mark II has designed a compact dual-tube cooling system based on outdoor portable considerations. Compared with the single tube system, the space cooling capacity is increased by at least 40%; the variable frequency centrifugal fan used can achieve small volume and large air volume, and the air volume is increased by 50% compared with the previous generation.

Reducing the size of the air conditioner will affect the air volume of the air conditioning system. In order to achieve a portable size and ensure the air volume and low noise of the air conditioning system, we have carried out multiple rounds of design and testing and finally adopted a variable frequency centrifugal fan. The fan has a compact structure, large air volume, high static pressure, low vibration, and low noise

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