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PK24 ADVANCED™ firming crème is a blend of all-natural ingredients that gently yet firmly turns back the clock in your intimate area. This feminine cream safely firms and rejuvenates to create that subtle, beautiful difference in you. Aside from restoring elasticity, PK24 ADVANCED™ helps improve natural moisture and responsiveness to sensory stimulation. PK24 ADVANCED™ restores your confidence and youthfulness once again. PK24 ADVANCED™ firming crème also helps recover dryness, loss of firmness and elasticity after pregnancy or childbirth, aging, and hormone changes, to achieve a firming, sculpting, and toning effect. PK24 ADVANCED™, Your Ultimate Feminine Cream! The everyday skin care for the intimate area. It keeps your intimate skin firm and moisturized, giving you complete youthfulness and confidence once again. • Used by women worldwide since 2007 • Formulated, manufactured, and imported from the U.S. • No risks, recovery, or expense of invasive surgery • Convenient and easy to use • Lightweight, non-irritating • Safe and a natural proprietary blend of U.S. FDA-approved ingredients • Recover loss of firmness and restore elasticity to achieve a firming, sculpting, and toning effect

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