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LUFI Malaysia

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LUFI Malaysia

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LUFI Malaysia mainly sells vehicle accessories. It is called OBD2 meter gauge. This does help to read/capture the data that was provided by ECU aka Electronic Control Unit. Users can read and monitor the data display by this small meter monitor. In the meantime, users can know their cars water temperature, speed, battery voltage or even turbo boosting reading. There are more than 36 list data that can be read from this meter. Nowadays, most of the cars come with indicators for us to know the car status but can’t get much info on that. You will need this meter to get more details and monitor the reading. The meter has a warning setup function, it will give you a warning sign when you are over the “limit”. Beside that, it can read the engine fault code of the vehicle. You can get to know the “fault code” and search for the explanation on the web. LUFI products currently have 2 different models which are Lufi X1 Revolution and Lufi XF Revolution. For more info, please go to https://lufimalaysia.com

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