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Life Warehouse

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Life Warehouse

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What are we?
It all started from a small apartment we rented…

We originated from Taipei, Taiwan! After working for years, we finally had a space of our own. With a blueprint of the ideal home in our heads, we started to decorate our place. Storage, colors, lighting, bedding choice….. it literally took us a bunch of time to settle everything down, but we never got tired of these sweet burdens. We wanted so bad to make it happen.

It’s our lifestyle, and it’s our dream.

In 2015, we founded Life Warehouse and started as a select shop with on-trend home living goods with creative, aesthetic, and practical designs, providing inspiration for everyone who longs for a better, more convenient living experience. Within 3 years, Life Warehouse had become the top-popular lifestyle online shop with a large base of fans who share the same value towards home living as ours. ✩ Further, in April 2018, Life Warehouse Malaysia was officially established under EASTCOAST UNION SDN. BHD. We’ve come a long way since we first started here in Malaysia. Read more about our fascinating story – from the very beginning, to what we are doing right now. Based in Eco Sanctuary, we aim to keep selecting good designs, decor products, and cool stuff and have them accessible to the people who enjoy interior decor and lifestyle in Malaysia.

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