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Au’tree Candle

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Au’tree Candle

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Aurum means “gold” in Latin. Aurum Tree or Au’tree a golden tree, we want our products to reflect luxury, long lasting, environment friendly, life of being by a golden tree. To us, tree is nature and our business is our life.

At Au’tree Candle, we believe that scent plays a key role in our daily experience. We want to help you use the magic of custom aroma to create those experience of maximum enjoyment at high quality and affordable price. You’ll be amazed at how consciously crafting the scents that surround you can enhance day-to-day life.

A lot of emphasis is put on what we eat, the music we listen to, how our homes look and our clothes feel. But what about how our space- our homes, our offices, our cars-smell? Imagine how much more enjoyable our lives would be if we paid even half as much attention to our sense of smell as we do our other senses! Simply put, your nose is feeling left out.

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