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Anggun Spa Centre

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Anggun Spa Centre

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ANGGUN SPA CENTER was established by Puan Ju in 2020 and is a full Islamic bumiputra company. Puan Ju’s effort is to provide a quality, affordable and worthwhile abstinence platform to all women out there. Originally, Puan Ju was also a Confinement Lady (CL) and a Therapist experienced in handling confined women. Now, the CL team run by Puan Ju has more than 250 people and is located all over Malaysia.

We at ANGGUN SPA CENTER provide traditional Malay spa treatments and services as well as a mix of modern treatment services. Our services and treatments include prenatal and postnatal care, mother and baby management, postnatal beauty and more. Our ANGGUN Confinement Lady (CL) team covers the whole of Malaysia with extensive experience in caring for confined women. All of our services are performed at the client’s home. You no longer have to struggle with traffic

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